Taqneen Software


With the belief that we feel about the national role that different institutions and sectors should play, and in keeping with the rapid pace that institutions are heading towards digital transformation as one of their important pillars, we have drawn a clear path in Taqneen soft through Our strategies To contribute and achieve the growth of the digital renaissance, and to bring us to the satisfaction of our customers and meet their needs locally and globally through the hands of our qualified and distinguished competencies, and through our strategic partnerships with major international organizations.

In line with our principles that innovation has no limits, that the mind of the innovator is a rich mine of ideas, and that the passion for excellence and leadership is an obsession that always pushes us to fly to new heights; Our creative ideas raced in Taqneen to provide ready-made and customized services and solutions through digital solutions, providing an integrated experience to delight the customer.

When the client chooses us to participate in the completion of any work; He guarantees that all our capabilities, experiences, and expertise will be adapted to serve him and that our ability to connect all relevant parties will shorten many long ways to reach his satisfaction.

The size of the impact and the qualitative leap that we have achieved in Taqneen until today, would not have reached this point without the confidence of our strategic partners from the public and private sectors in the active role we play, so thank them!

Our passion is the constant drive towards success and our fuel for facing challenges and obstacles, providing services and solutions that achieve satisfaction for our customers, and harnessing our capabilities and expertise to build a knowledge society that keeps pace with the world and creates a digital future for us and future generations.

Our services, solutions, and digital products are available at your hands. We are pleased about your visit and see the content of our website.


Eng. Younes Alomosh