Taqneen Software

Mission and vision

Achieving leadership in the information technology sector by using the latest high-quality technological methods that are compatible with the vision of institutions and companies in digital transformation and the production of products that have a unique footprint in the future technology sector.

Taqneen Soft seeks to achieve a strong position and reputation locally and globally by providing added value through a package of the strongest high-quality products and services. And adopting a scientific development approach to ensure sustainable business partnerships

Taqneen Soft aims to be one of the best companies in the information technology sector in the region by providing a variety of products that meet the needs of partners and market requirements

The company has already proven over the past years the capabilities of the technology used to meet the needs and requirements of institutions and companies. The company is also working on continuous development using the latest available technologies to keep pace with the continuous and accelerating development in the information technology sector.

Taqneen Soft plays its role proactively to provide integrated solutions reliably and sustainably enabling everyone to seize the opportunities that will achieve the future vision of technology.