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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP & GRP – System)


Taqneen systems are distinguished by their work within one umbrella “ALL IN ONE” where you can customize your business within one comprehensive and integrated system for all enterprise services. The enterprise resource planning system is also characterized by meeting the needs of institutions, whether in the public or private sectors, where the company is keen to provide flexible solutions to meet the needs of different sectors.
Taqneen Software has achieved great success stories in implementing enterprise resource planning systems in the public and private sectors and in the partnerships with international organizations, which made it highly credible and set a footprint to be one of the best software in providing digital transformation services.
Taqneen Software “ERP- system” is considered one of the most successful system, as its include all the businesses of the institutions within one scope and have high flexibility in using and information extraction, in addition to helping the privacy of institutions and partnerships in their working mechanism.


Trademark & PATENT

Taqneen Soft is proud to be the first leading information technology company in the Middle East that has made a complete link between the global organization “WIPO” throw the IPAS4 program and the official departments for deposit patents and trademarks.
Where the connection includes two major sectors, the first one is linking official government departments and “individuals & companies” that request patent or trademark registration services. The second sectors include linking the official departments for registering this electronic deposit with the IPAS4 global program for electronic deposit.
The uniqueness of the company in this achievement in the Middle East made it highly credible and of a high position among the information technology companies


Make your work easy

“Mobile applications & device applications” are one of the distinctive solutions provided by Taqneen Software to institutions and companies, which aim to keep up with digital transformation and meet various business requirements within the best ways and means to achieve goals in the fastest and best way.
These applications are also distinguished by their use of the latest technologies to fit all types of devices and different operating systems.
These applications are also distinguished by their direct connection with all the systems provided by Taqneen Software

Document archiving system

Save documents flexibly

The electronic archiving system is one of the distinguished products offered by Taqneen Software, as the archiving system includes all aspects required for archiving processes that are common in different systems.
The archiving system of Taqneen Soft is characterized by high flexibility in use, as it allows the user to “save & extract” documents and link them with us in an easy and flexible way.


A web-based platform

The electronic portal services provided by Taqneen Software are a unique feature added to the group of services provided, as it helps institutions and companies to manage electronic portals in an interconnected manner with other programs and services provided by Taqneen Software.
The electronic portals include an option to follow up on business and other options for self-services for clients, employees, or management. They also contain the options of interactive panels and measure the business index.

Content Management System

Manage your creation and modification of digital content

The-content management system provided by Taqneen Software


Unified Platform to Streamline Business Processes with Minimal Coding

Artificial Intelligence Solution

• IEPES: Intelligent Education Evaluating System - using AI

• Arabic Speech Recognition

• Arabic Text Classification

• Chatbot

• Video Text Search


Designed your business processes

Learning Management System

Integrated educational solution